How I Work

In counselling and psychotherapy there are many different models and methods of working. I work integratively which means I choose different methods for each individual, depending on their needs. Integrative psychotherapy is rooted in the Person Centred approach and the belief that the client is the expert on themselves. In the therapeutic relationship it is my job to guide you on your journey of exploration, and equip you with the tools you may need.

Some of the models I may use include:

CBT (Cognitive Behaviour Therapy) is a branch of behavioural therapy that aims to challenge the unhelpful thoughts and behaviours that have developed throughout our lives. This is a very practical way of working that looks at how we think about a situation and how this affects the way we act.We will work together collaboratively to try to understand your chosen unhelpful behaviours and/or thinking patterns.

Attachment Theory is a psychodynamic way of looking at the person and suggests that the emotional bonds we experience as young children affect the way we interact with other people, make and maintain relationships, and ultimately view the world. Understanding your own attachment style can help you to see patterns in relationships that you may wish to change.

Person Centred Approach is a type of therapy that aims to promote an equal relationship between the client and the therapist whereby the client is very much seen as the expert in the situation. After all, no one understands what it is like to be you more than you do. I will treat you with warmth, respect and empathy in order to help you process your feelings. As your therapist, I will focus on your uniqueness as an individual with the aim to enable you to fulfil your potential.

Other modalities I may choose to use with you include:



Existential Psychotherapy

Schema Therapy


Compassion Focussed Therapy


For more information on different types of therapy and a guide on what to look for in a therapist, please see the BACP website here.